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ZŁOTE TARASY / GOLDEN TERRACES – Warsaw / Poland – 2004-2006


  • The biggest and most sofisticated multifunctional center built in Poland at the moment of its construction, facades combine glass, aluminum and stone cladding,

  • 9000 sqm of sandstones Wartowice, Brenna and Mainz, granites Jackaranda and African Red, including Brenna rainscreens

  • Fischer ONE aluminum sub-structure, highly modified specially for this project and Fischer FTP and bespoke fixings, rainscreens fixed with bespoke ties on stainless steel columns

  • Main designer of stone cladding and its sub-structure and fixings, leader of four-persons design team, responsible for coordination with other branches and main contractor Skanska, direct customer – Permasteelisa company – and architects